Castellvi classification

The Castellvi classification is used for lumbosacral transitional vertebra (LSTV):

  • type I: enlarged and dysplastic transverse process (at least 19 mm)
    • Ia: unilateral
    • Ib: bilateral
  • type II: pseudoarticulation of the transverse process and sacrum with incomplete lumbarization/sacralization; enlargement of the transverse process with pseudoarthrosis
    • IIa: unilateral
    • IIb: bilateral
  • type III: transverse process fuses with the sacrum and there is complete lumbarization or sacralization, enlarged transverse process with complete fusion
    • IIIa: unilateral
    • IIIb: bilateral
  • type IV: type IIa on one side and type III on the contralateral side

History and etymology

This classification system was initially described by Castellvi et al in 1984, in a study examining the association of lumbosacral transitional vertebrae with herniated lumbar discs .

Related pathology

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