Celiac artery aneurysm

Celiac artery aneurysms are a form of visceral artery aneurysm and account for around 4% of such cases (fourth most common visceral arterial aneurysm).



An association with non-visceral arterial aneurysms is considered frequent .

Clinical presentation

While some patients may have symptoms, they are usually asymptomatic and are incidentally discovered.

Treatment and prognosis

The reported risk of rupture varies, but ranges around 10-20% . Some studies report an operative mortality rate associated with a ruptured celiac artery aneurysm at around 40% compared with only 5% for a non-ruptured aneurysm.

History and etymology

These aneurysms are thought to have been first described by the italian physician Giovanni Maria Lancisi (1654-1720), in a posthumously published book "De Motu Cordis et Aneurysmatibus" (1728) .