False vocal cords

The false vocal cords (vestibular folds, ventricular folds, ventricular bands) are paired shelf-like structures located within the supraglottic larynx that divide the vestibule above from the ventricle below.

Gross anatomy

The vestibular ligaments are the ligamentous component of the false vocal cords and constitute the inferior edge of the quandrangular membrane on either side. The quadrangular membrane links the arytenoid cartilages to the epiglottis.

On direct laryngoscopy, the false vocal cords are pink prominences visualized supero-lateral to the true vocal cords. The luminal space directly between the vestibular folds is termed the rima vestibuli.

  • superior: laryngeal vestibule
  • medial: rima vestibuli
  • inferior: laryngeal ventricle