Fascial tail sign

The fascial tail sign refers to the linear/tapered extension of soft tissue tumors along the fascia.

The sign has been classically described in benign fibrous proliferations :

However, the same sign has also been described as the tail sign in soft tissue sarcomas that may arise in the fascia, with the highest frequency in the following :

Thus, the diagnostic value of the sign in distinguishing between soft tissue tumors appears marginal. However, its recognition as tumoral infiltration rather than reactive fascial change is important in surgical planning to ensure complete resection given the risk of recurrence .

Radiographic features


The fascial tail appears as a tapering marginal extension(s) of the tumor along the fascial plane. The tail enhances after administration of contrast media. The signal characteristics depend on the tumor (for example, T2 hypointense in the case of desmoid tumor but hyperintense in the case of myxofibrosarcoma).