Gastritis refers any form of mucosal inflammation of the stomach and can sometimes be part of a wider gastroenteritis. It may have acute of chronic forms.

Sub types

Radiographic features


While may not may be often needed for routine workup, gastritis may be seen as thickening of the gastric folds and wall. In severe cases, the gastric wall will demonstrate low attenuation compatible with submucosal edema and inflammation. The mucosa may also enhance due to hyperemia and at times may give a layered appearance (considered most pronounced in the arterial phase. These presence of layering or “halo”  may help distinguish gastritis from other conditions of gastric wall thickening .

Differential diagnosis

For gastric wall thickening consider

  • smooth wall thickening of the distal gastric antrum relative to the proximal stomach with or without submucosal low attenuation can be part of normal variation .
  • gastric tumors