Haglund deformity, also known as a pump bumpBauer bump, or Mulholland deformity, is defined as bony enlargement formed at the posterosuperior aspect of the calcaneum. This deformity leads to retrocalcaneal bursitis.


Haglund deformity may result from the chronic pressure of rigid shoes.

Radiographic features 

Plain radiograph

Bony prominence is seen on the posterosuperior aspect of the calcaneal tuberosity. Repeated trauma to the bursa leads to loss of fat planes secondary to retrocalcaneal bursitis. Soft tissue swelling can also be seen on the plain radiograph.


MRI is helpful in detecting the degenerative changes that occur within the Achilles tendon. It is also useful for the surgeon to know the extent of any degenerative changes.

History and etymology

It was first described by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Patrick Haglund (1870-1937) in 1927.

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