Hawkins Zeichen

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The Hawkins sign describes subchondral lucency of the talar dome seen in AP view that occurs secondary to subchondral atrophy 6-8 weeks after a talar neck fracture .

This indicates that there is sufficient vascularity in the talus, and is therefore unlikely to develop avascular necrosis of the talar dome later .

Disruption of the blood supply to all or a portion of the talar dome results in absence of the Hawkins sign (seen as subchondral sclerosis), which usually indicates underlying avascular necrosis .

History and etymology

The sign is named after Leland G Hawkins (1933-1991) , an American orthopedic surgeon. He also established the Hawkins classification of talar neck fractures which helps in risk assessment of avascular necrosis of the talar dome.

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