Hemorrhagic corpus luteal cyst

Hemorrhagic corpus luteal cysts result from bleeding into corpus luteal cysts.

Radiographic features


Commonly described findings include:

  • complex adnexal mass
  • adnexal thick-walled cystic lesion with lace-like strands
  • adnexal thick-walled cystic lesion with low-level echoes within
  • peripheral vascularity: ring of fire sign
  • follow up ultrasound is suggested in about 2 menstrual cycles or ~ 6 weeks, especially to differentiate from an endometrioma
  • thick walled peripherally enhancing cystic lesion
  • high attenuation component (45-100 HU)
  • “fluid-fluid hematocrit” level

Differential diagnosis

For ultrasound appearances consider: