infarct core

The infarct core denotes the part of an acute ischemic stroke which has already infarcted, or is irrevocably destined to infarct regardless of reperfusion. It is also referred to as established infarct and is in distinction from the penumbra which remains potentially salvageable.

CT perfusion

On CT perfusion the infarct core is defined as the area of the brain with :

  • increased mean transit time (MTT)
  • markedly decreased relative cerebral blood flow (CBF): <30% normal
  • decreased cerebral blood volume (CBV): <40% normal
  • By contrast, the ischemic penumbra will have only moderately decreased cerebral blood flow and normal or even increased cerebral blood volume due to autoregulation.


    On MRI, the infarct core correlates closely with restricted diffusion on diffusion-weighted imaging .

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