Leiomyom der Vagina

Vaginal leiomyomas are an extremely rare entity and fall under extra-uterine pelvic leiomyomas.


They are extremely rare with only ~ 300 cases reported in literature .


It may occur anywhere along the vaginal canal and is usually localized, mobile, non-tender, and circumscribed.


The anterior vaginal wall is the most common location for vaginal fibroids .

Radiographic features


It may be seen as a mass in relation to the vagina with signal characteristics similar to that of a uterine leiomyoma.

Treatment and prognosis

Like other leiomyomas, they are benign lesions. Vaginal enucleation is often the treatment of choice.

History and etymology

It is thought to have been first reported by De Leyden in 1733.

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