Myrtiformis muscle

Myrtiformis muscle (MM) (also known as depressor alae nasi) is one of the muscles of the nose, a subset of the muscles of facial expression.


Myrtiformis is often omitted from classic anatomy tomes. Some texts describe this muscle as two separate components, the medial fibers forming the depressor septi nasalis muscle, and the lateral fibers forming depressor alae nasi .


Gross anatomy

  • anterior labial fibers: insert into the upper lip
  • posterior nasal fibers: insert into the nostril floor, specifically the nostril sill and base of the columella

​​Arterial supply

Venous drainage



  • depresses and flares the nostril

Variant anatomy

Muscles of the nose vary in size between individuals and may be entirely absent .

History and etymology

Myrtiformis is derived from the Latin for 'shaped like myrtle berries' .