Picornaviruses (pico-RNA-viruses) are non-enveloped, positive-stranded RNA viruses with an icosahedral capsule. Their positive, single stranded RNA architecture places them in Baltimore group IV. The name derives from the fact that they are small (pico) RNA viruses.

The picornavirus family contains a number of genera, most of which do not affect humans. The largest genus is enterovirus and includes enterovirus 71poliovirus, coxsackievirus and rhinovirus.

Infection with picornaviruses can result in symptoms that range from nasal inflammation to flaccid paralysis and death.


  • enterovirus
    • enterovirus A (23 types)
      • includes some coxsackie A virus (including CV-A16)
    • enterovirus B (60 types)
      • includes EV71, echovirus and coxsackie B virus 
    • enterovirus C (23 types)
    • enterovirus D 
    • enterovirus J
    • rhinovirus A
    • rhinovirus B
    • rhinovirus C
  • Hepatovirus
    • hepatitis A virus