Radial neck

The radial neck is a feature of the proximal radius. Proximal radial fractures commonly involve both the neck and shaft in children.

Gross anatomy

The radial neck is the constriction distal to the head. The radial tuberosity is an oval prominence distal to the neck on the medial aspect, which delineates the proximal end (head and neck) of the radius from the shaft.

  • radial tuberosity
    • site of insertion of biceps brachii tendon

Radiographic features

Plain radiograph

The elbow is radiographed in AP and lateral projections. An oblique view can be beneficial for further evaluating the radial head.

Fractures of the radial head and neck are often undisplaced, making them particularly difficult to identify on radiographs. Any subtle exaggeration of cortical concavity along the radial head-neck junctions represents a fracture .

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