Rectus sheath hernia

A rectus sheath hernias (alternative plural: herniae) are a rare type of anterior abdominal wall hernia where there is herniation of intra-abdominal content (mesenteric fat +/- bowel) usually through the posterior rectus sheath and therefore often termed a posterior rectus sheath hernia. The hernia can extend to various degrees.

These hernias are considered interparietal due to the herniating sac lying between the layers of the abdominal wall. The majority of these hernias are considered post-surgical or post-traumatic in etiology, with occasional spontaneous cases being reported in the literature

Radiographic features


A CT may give the best appreciation of the anatomy and is usually seen as a hernia within a large portion of the rectus sheath.

History and etymology 

They are thought to have been first reported in the literature by J Losanoff et al in 1937 .

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