Reporting and Data Systems (disambiguation)

In recent years there has been a proliferation of Reporting and Data Systems (RADS), which have been proposed - and in many cases widely adopted - as standardized systems for the reporting of imaging of various body organs, often, but certainly not always, with a focus on oncological disease . These systems also help departments introduce structured reporting .

In addition, is a coronary artery calcification scoring system, which strangely has been called the CAC-DRS: Coronary Artery Calcium Data and Reporting System, and not CAC-RADS: Coronary Artery Calcium-Reporting and Data System.

A standardized system for the reporting of head injury cases is being developed by the American College of Radiology. Specific details of the proposed HI-RADS: Head Injury Imaging Reporting and Data System have not been published as yet . A system provisionally named the Traumatic Brain Imaging Reporting and Data System (TBI-RADS) has also been discussed. It is likely that HI-RADS and TBI-RADS are synonymous as the same organizations are involved in both .

History and etymology

In 1993 the American College of Radiology proposed the BI-RADS: Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System, a standardized lexicon for the reporting of mammography, which was developed on the back of the established 5-tier ACR system. The aim of BI-RADS was to improve distinction between benign and malignant disease, to remove ambiguity from radiology reports, permit automated auditing of data and improve clinical discourse with the referrers .

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