sigmoid mesocolon

The sigmoid mesocolon is a fold of peritoneum that attaches the sigmoid colon to the pelvic wall.

It is one of the four mesenteries in the abdominal cavity.

It has an "inverted V" line of attachment, the apex of which is near the division of the left common iliac artery. It has two limbs:

  • the lateral limb descends along the pelvic brim, over the external iliac vessels and terminates at a level approximate to the mid point of the inguinal ligament
  • the medial limb descends into the pelvis and ends in the midline anterior to the third sacral segment. The superior rectal artery can be found in the base of the medial limb

The sigmoid and superior rectal vessels run between the layers of the sigmoid mesocolon and the left ureter descends into the pelvis behind its apex.

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