Subcapsular splenic hematoma

Subcapsular splenic hematomas are a type of splenic hematoma that occurs beneath the splenic capsule.


They can occur in both traumatic and non-traumatic situations.


Radiographic features


Imaging in the portal venous phase is best for detection. CT typically shows a crescentic/lenticular perisplenic collection where attenuation values depend on the age of the hematoma. The hematoma may flatten or indent
the lateral margin of the spleen .

  • acute: hyperattenuating to isoattenuating ,  then called subcapsular hemorrhage
  • subacute: iso attenuating, within 1-2 days of bleeding, CT attenuation values of splenic hematomas may be equal to or greater than that of the splenic
  • established/chronic: hypoattenuating