Superior parietal lobule

The superior parietal lobule is one of the three subdivisions of the parietal lobe. The other subdivisions include the inferior parietal lobule and postcentral gyrus. It is involved with sensorimotor integration .

Gross anatomy


It is separated from the inferior parietal lobule by the intraparietal sulcus. It is separated anteriorly from the postcentral gyrus by the postcentral sulcus.

It continues onto the medial surface of the corresponding hemisphere as the precuneus.

Blood supply

The medial portion is supplied by the anterior cerebral artery, while the lateral portion is supplied by the middle cerebral artery.

Related pathology

Damage to the superior parietal lobule can lead to astereognosis and neglect.

Practical points

The intraparietal sulcus sign can be used to help identify the superior parietal lobule. The intraparietal sulcus originates in the lower portion of the postcentral sulcus and traverses through the parietal lobe. The superior parietal lobule lies in the convexity, superior to the sulcus .