bucket handle tear

Bucket-handle meniscal tears are a type of displaced vertical meniscal tear where the inner part is displaced centrally. They more commonly occur in the medial meniscus and are often associated with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

Radiographic features


Bucket-hand tears can manifest as sensitive but not specific signs :

  • absent bow tie sign - on sagittal view
  • double PCL sign (bucket-handle tears of the medial meniscus) - on sagittal view
  • double ACL sign (bucket-hand tears of the lateral meniscus) - on sagittal view
  • double anterior horn / flipped meniscus - on sagittal view
  • double delta sign- on sagittal view
  • disproportionately small posterior horn - on sagittal view
  • meniscal fragment in the intercondylar notch - on coronal view
  • truncation and small size of body of meniscus on coronal images - on coronal view
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