chronic invasive fungal sinusitis

Chronic invasive fungal sinusitis is a form of invasive fungal sinusitis.

Clinical presentation

The condition has a more prolonged course than acute invasive fungal sinusitis, usually more than 12 weeks . Patients are usually immunocompetent or have a milder level of immunocompromise. There may be a history of chronic sinusitis.

Radiographic features


CT usually shows homogeneous opacification of the affected sinus(es), iso- to hyperattenuating to muscle tissue.

Other suggestive features include:

  • relative lack of expansion of sinuses
  • mottled lucencies or irregular bone destruction may be seen
  • bone erosion localized to the area of extrasinus extension
  • extrasinus component of the disease more prominent than the intrasinus component
  • there may also be sclerotic changes in the bony walls of the affected sinuses representing chronic disease

Signal characteristics of affected region include:

  • T1: iso- or hypointense signal
  • T2: usually markedly hypointense signal

Differential diagnosis