erweiterte Pneumatisation des Mastoids

erweiterte Pneumatisation des Mastoids

abnormale Erweiterung Nasennebenhöhlen RadiopaediaCC-by-nc-sa 3.0de

Pneumosinus dilatans is a term given to an enlarged aerated paranasal sinus (hyperpneumatisation) without thinning of its bony walls.


The mean age at which new cases present was 27 years in the largest published series (n = 36), males were slightly more affected .


The presence of pneumosinus dilatans may be associated with an anterior skull base meningioma .


It was initially described in the frontal sinuses but may involve any of the paranasal sinuses.

Treatment and prognosis


It may cause pneumocephalus either by rupturing or because of a defect.

Differential diagnosis

  • pneumatocele: enlarged aerated paranasal sinuses with thinned bony walls
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