European Diploma in Radiology

The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) is an international diploma issued and certified by the European Board of Radiology. The document certifies a radiologist to have the knowledge and competence in line with the European Society of Radiology (ESR) European Training Curriculum for Radiology .

The examination takes place every year in Vienna, Austria, as well as in other European cities with the examination organized by national radiological societies.

Eligibility criteria

  • candidates must be in at least their fifth year of national radiology training at the time of the examination
  • active membership of the relevant national radiological society in the year of the examination
  • candidates must be European Society of Radiology (ESR) full or corresponding members or members-in-training in the year of the examination

Registration is available through the European Board of Radiology website .

Exam structure

In March 2016, the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) exam structure was updated from a two-day exam with a viva voce component, to a single day exam .

The current exam structure consists of three parts:

  • multiple response questions (MRQs)
    • computer-based (90 minutes)
  • short cases (SCs)
    • computer-based examination (90 minutes)
  • clinically oriented reasoning evaluation (CORE)
    • practical-oriented cases, computer-based examination (90 minutes)

Details correct at time of writing (April 2018).

Historical exam structure

Until March 2016 the European Diploma in Radiology was a two-day exam.

EDiR day 1 exam was divided into two parts:

  • part 1
    • short cases (SCs): computer-based (90 minutes)
    • multiple response questions (MRQs): computer-based (90 minutes)
  • part 2
    • skills examination: practical-oriented cases, computer-based (40 minutes)

EDiR day 2 exam was divided into two parts. Only candidates that passed day 1 were eligible for the day 2 examination. The examination was oral, and there was one examiner per candidate (30 minutes).