Fibrosarcomas are malignant tumors of fibroblast origin. They are a type of soft tissue sarcoma that can be grouped by the patient age, i.e. adult fibrosarcoma and infantile fibrosarcoma, and/or anatomical region, for example:


These tumors are of mesenchymal origin. On histopathology, typically these tumors are described as with "herringbone" architecture. Tumors may be well-differentiated or poorly differentiated.

Radiographic Appearance

On CT, masses with similar density to muscle may indicate a fibrosarcoma. Although detectable on MRI, fibrosarcoma is currently (c.2020) not universally understood to have a distinct signature MRI appearance that is the same regardless of the anatomical region.

Treatment and prognosis

Although adult and infantile fibrosarcomas are histologically the same, the prognoses are different with children having more favorable outcomes .

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