Intrapulmonary lipoma

Intrapulmonary lipomas are rare fat containing benign lung lesions.


They mostly occur in the adult population, with occurence in the pediatric population extremely rare.


As with all lipomas they are composed of adipose tissue. The origin of the peripheral intrapulmonary lipomas is considered controversial. Some suggest that fatty tissue in the wall of peripheral bronchi is the origin, while others claim subpleural fat tissue as the origin.


A peripheral intrapulmonary location is considered much more uncommon than an endobronchial location.

Radiographic features

On cross-sectional imaging, the lesional appearance typically follows the features of fat on all imaging modalities. Typically well-defined and well-contained.

Plain radiograph

On chest x-ray, they may be seen as a faint rounded nodular opacity, which can be variable in size.

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