longitudinales Vaginalseptum

A longitudinal vaginal septum is a congenital abnormality of the vagina where a septum divides it into two parallel cavities.

Clinical presentation

Usually asymptomatic unless obstructed and if obstructed it may cause cyclic pelvic pain. Amenorrhea may occur if both cavities are obstructed .


It is due to failure of lateral fusion / reabsorption of the paired Mullerian ducts during development of the vagina.


Typically arises with other Mullerian duct anomalies such as septate uterus and uterus didelphys . However, it can also arise as an isolated anomaly .

Radiographic features

It may be difficult to diagnose in the absence of obstruction.


T2 weighted images demonstrate hypointense septum (relative to the hyperintense secretions/blood) with two hemivaginas present .

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