medical devices in the abdomen and pelvis

Medical devices in the abdomen and pelvis are important to be recognized, just like medical devices of the chest. Often we ignore these devices, considering them to be incidental and non-pathological, however it is essential to be aware of potential complications.

Gastrointestinal tubes

Genitourinary devices

Post-operative devices

  • surgical sutures, staples, clips, and glue
  • surgical sponges
    • most common retained surgical foreign body is a laparotomy cotton sponge
    • it can be easily identified on radiographs by a 'ribbon-like' characteristic marker (see: gossypiboma)
  • surgical needles, ties
  • surgical drains, e.g. closed-wound suction drains, gravity drains, sump drains
  • biliary drains and stents: T-tube, biliary stent (e.g. Cook stent)
  • metallic stents: vascular stents, self-expandable metallic stents (SEMS)
  • embolization coils
  • endo clip or hemo clip
  • Ovesco device
  • IVC filters
  • vascular grafts, e.g. aortobi-iliac bypass grafts
  • haemodialysis reliable output (HeRO) catheters


  • foreign bodies
  • medications ingested by the patient - potassium chloride, antacids (e.g. Pepto-Bismol, magnesium salts), iron tablets, vitamin pills, barium and iodinated contrasts
  • residual medication injected into soft tissues e.g. bismuth (historically used for syphilis) in the buttocks
  • calcified injection sites in the soft tissue, most commonly buttocks in diabetics
  • radiopaque markers, as used in a shapes/colon transit study for evaluation of patients with chronic constipation (e.g. Sitz markers)
  • capsule endoscopy devices
  • patient restraint devices
  • colostomy bags
  • bowel biopsy devices
  • fetal monitoring equipment
  • residual contrast
  • vertebral fixation screws
  • vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty related
  • hernia mesh, e.g. tantalum mesh
  • umbilical arterial and venous catheters
  • dialysis catheters
  • ascites drains
  • chemotherapy-infusion pumps
  • insulin pumps
  • gastric pacemaker
  • femoral central venous catheters
  • ECMO arterial or venous catheters
  • ventriculoperitoneal catheters
  • sacral stimulators e.g. InterStim
  • antibiotic-impregnated beads
  • brachytherapy seeds in the prostate

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