ossification of the achilles tendon

Achilles tendon ossification is an uncommon condition that consists of characteristic bone formation within the substance of the Achilles tendon.


Achilles tendon ossification is more common in males .


The etiology is unknown but Achilles tendon ossification is seen both with previous macrotrauma of the tendon (e.g Achilles tendon rupture, previous surgery) as well as repetitive microtrauma . There may be a familial or genetic component .

It is somewhat more common than dystrophic calcification of the Achilles tendon and may represent a separate entity rather than progression.

Radiographic features

It is characterized by mature bone in all of its components (i.e. cortex, trabeculae, and marrow) and can occur within the body of the tendon or at its calcaneal insertion.


An ossified Achilles tendon may fracture.

Differential diagnosis

If present more inferiorly, consider

  • Achilles tendon calcific enthesopathy

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