pancoast syndrome

Pancoast syndrome (historically known as Ciuffini-Pancoast-Tobías syndrome, Hare syndrome or variation thereof) results from involvement of the brachial plexus and sympathetic chain by a Pancoast tumor or, less commonly, from other tumors - or even non-malignant disease - involving the lung apex.

Clinical presentation

The syndrome consists of:

  • shoulder pain
  • C8-T2 radicular pain
  • Horner syndrome
  • The classical syndrome is uncommon, with Horner syndrome present in only 25%.

    History and etymology

    Pancoast syndrome as a result of apical lung tumors was described in a number of publications (by Hare in 1838, Ciuffini in 1911 and Tobias in 1932) before Pancoast reported it using the term 'superior pulmonary sulcus tumor' .

    • Edward Selleck Hare (1812-1838), British physician
    • Publio Ciuffini (18??-19??), Italian physician
      • Ciuffini, is mentioned in non-referenced sources , an original reference remains elusive
    • Henry Khunrath Pancoast (1875-1939), American radiologist, Philadelphia
    • Jose W Tobias, Argentine physician, Buenos Aires
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