popliteofibular ligament

The popliteofibular ligament (PFL) belongs to the lateral supporting structures of the knee and is one of the three primary stabilizers of the posterolateral corner .

Gross anatomy

It is a flattened, thick, and fan-shaped structure of the width of the popliteus muscle and two divisions . It takes a proximal oblique and distal vertical more vertical course at an angle of about 60° in relation to the popliteus muscle .

It is a restraint to posterior translation and provides posterolateral and in particular external rotatory stability . More recent studies look at the function of the popliteofibular ligament more as a part of the popliteus tendon complex than as independent .


The proximal origin encompasses the musculotendinous junction of the popliteus muscle .

Distally the popliteofibular ligament inserts at the anteromedial downslope, the tip, and the posteromedial aspect of the fibular styloid process .

Related pathology

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