Sarcoidosis (cutaneous manifestations)

The cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis occur in ~30% (range 9-37%) of patients with sarcoidosis. A skin lesion may be the initial presentation of sarcoidosis and the majority of patients with cutaneous manifestations will have pulmonary disease.


Common lesions
  • maculopapular lesion
    • most common lesion seen in sarcoidosis
    • usually on the face and neck
    • often tansient
  • erythema nodusum
    • painful red nodular rash
    • not specific for sarcoidosis
    • more common in women then men and in northern Europeans
    • associated with a more favorable prognosis
  • granulomata
    • non-caseating subcutaneous granulomata
    • common on the forearms
  • plaques
  • lupus pernio
    • most characteristic skin lesion of sarcoidosis
    • red or violaceous indurated skin lesion usually on the face
    • more common in women then men and individuals with black skin
    • invades deeper soft tissues including underlying bone
    • associated with:
      • more aggressive disease course
      • bone cysts
      • sarcoidosis of the upper respiratory tract (SURT)
      • uveitis
  • scar sarcoidosis
    • granulomatous infiltration into scars
    • common in the knee
Less common lesions
  • ulcerative lesions
  • psoriform plaques
  • hypopigmentation
  • alopecia
  • papillomatous lesions
  • lichenoid lesions
  • pustular folliculitis