Small cell carcinoma (urinary bladder)

Small cell carcinomas of the bladder are rare bladder cancers with a poor prognosis. Its appearance overlaps other bladder cancers, in particular, urothelial/transitional cell carcinoma.


A very rare tumor, it has been estimated at <0.0001% of bladder cancers. It is thought to have a predominance in caucasian patients and those with a smoking history.

Clinical presentation

Hematuria and pain are the most common symptoms. Its presentation overlaps that of other bladder tumors, such as urothelial/transitional cell carcinoma; there is no specific presentation.

Radiographic features

The appearance is similar to urothelial/transitional cell carcinoma: an enhancing polypoid bladder mass. There are no imaging finding specific to the tumor.

Treatment and prognosis

Prognosis is poor, with <10% five year survival for disease confined to the pelvis .

Differential diagnosis

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