superior frontal gyrus

The superior frontal gyrus is the medial most gyrus of the frontal lobe's superolateral surface, running from the frontal pole anteriorly, all the way to the precentral sulcus and precentral gyrus posteriorly.

Laterally it is bounded by the superior frontal sulcus, which separates it from the middle frontal gyrus.

Medially is continues over the superior part of the interhemispheric (medial) surface of the lobe. This is often (incorrectly) referred to as the superior frontal gyrus, although more precisely this medial part is better referred to as two separate parts, separated by the paracentral sulcus (an ascending branch of the cingulate sulcus) .

The large anterior part, located anterior to the paracentral sulcus, is the medial frontal gyrus, whereas the much smaller posterior part, located posterior to the paracentral sulcus and extending to the medial continuation of the precentral sulcus is the anterior part of the paracentral lobule (which extends posteriorly into the parietal lobe to incorporate the medial continuation of the postcentral gyrus) .

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