medial frontal gyrus

The medial frontal gyrus is the superior most part of the medial surface of the frontal lobe, which continues onto the superior surface as the superior frontal gyrus. Posteriorly it contains the supplementary motor area.


The medial frontal gyrus is perhaps more commonly merely referred to as the medial surface of the superior frontal gyrus, although as their posterior extent is not identical (see below) the distinction is useful.

It should not, however, be confused with the middle frontal gyrus, located between the superior and inferior frontal gyri on the superolateral surface of the lobe.


The medial frontal gyrus extends from the frontal pole anteriorly, to the paracentral sulcus posteriorly which separates it from the paracentral lobule. Note that this is not quite as far posteriorly as the superior frontal gyrus, which extends as far back as the precentral sulcus, located one sulcus further posterior to the paracentral sulcus .

Inferiorly the medial frontal gyrus is separated from the cingulate gyrus by the cingulate sulcus.

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