Cirrhose cardiaque

Cardiac sclerosis, or "cardiac cirrhosis" is the end-point of passive hepatic congestion from heart failure.



Causes of cardiac cirrhosis include :

  • ischemic heart disease: ~30%
  • cardiomyopathy: ~25%
  • valvular heart disease: ~25%
  • restrictive lung disease: ~15%
  • pericardial disease: ~10%

Fibrosis bridging between central zonal regions can occur if passive hepatic congestion persists for a long time. This process is best termed cardiac sclerosis, as unlike in cirrhosis due to noxious or viral insults, there is minimal nodular regeneration.

Radiographic features

Features are those of cirrhosis, identical to other causes .

Treatment and prognosis

Cardiac cirrhosis may be irreversible even after treatment of the underlying cardiac failure .

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