H1N1 influenza

H1N1 influenza is a strain of influenza that notably resulted in a pandemic in 2009. It was referred to colloquially as 'swine flu' due to the origin of the virus, but it was also named H1N1/09 virus. A specific but different strain of H1N1 (called H1N1 influenza A) was the cause of the Spanish flu, one of the worst global pandemics in recorded human history . This article refers to the disease resulting from the H1N1/09 virus.

Clinical presentation

There can be a wide spectrum of clinical syndromes ranging from being asymptomatic to fulminant viral pneumonia, respiratory failure and death.


It is caused by a type of influenza A virus of swine origin.

Radiographic features

Plain radiograph

It can have a variable presentation and a number of features have been described : In the majority of cases the chest radiograph can be normal.


Described imaging spectrum is broad, with each individual feature being non-specific on its own :

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