Hepascore is a biochemical severity scoring system based on liver function tests in predicting the extent of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis in patients with hepatitis C infection. Hepascore may also be applicable to other liver diseases and is being trialed for fatty liver disease and hepatitis B infection.

The following markers are analyzed:

  • serum bilirubin
  • serum gamma glutamyl transferase
  • serum alpha 2 macroglobulin
  • serum hyaluronic acid levels

These markers along with age and sex are applied to an equation and a score of between 0 and 1.0 is calculated:

  • <0.50: significant fibrosis is absent
  • ≥0.50: significant fibrosis present
  • <0.84: cirrhosis is absent
  • ≥0.84: cirrhosis is likely present

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