Colpocephaly is a descriptive term for a disproportionate prominence of the occipital horns of the lateral ventricles. It can result from a wide range of congenital insults.

Clinical presentation

Patients may present with motor abnormalities, cognitive deficit, visual abnormalities, and seizures.

Associated conditions

Radiographic features

Radiologically, diagnosis of colpocephaly becomes more likely when the ratio of the posterior horn to anterior horn of lateral ventricle width (P/A ratio) is ≥3 .

The P/A ratio also helps to distinguish colpocephaly from normal pressure hydrocephalus, which is an important differential diagnosis.

History and etymology

Colpocephaly was initially reported by American psychiatrist Clemens E Benda (1898-1975)  in 1941 .

The term comes from the Greek: kolpos (hollow) and kephalos (head); and it was coined by the neurologist Paul Ivan Yakovlev and the neuropathologist Richard C Wadsworth in 1946 .

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