Lateral (radial) collateral ligament complex of the elbow

The lateral (radial) collateral ligament (LCL/RCL) complex is a major lateral stabilizer of the elbow joint and resists varus stress.

Gross anatomy

The LCL is a Y-shaped ligamentous complex composed of three parts :

  • annular ligament
    • from sigmoid notch to supinator crest of the ulna bone
    • forms a sling around the radial head
  • radial collateral ligament
  • lateral ulnar collateral ligament
    • lateral epicondyle to supinator crest of the ulna
  • Variant anatomy

    • accessory lateral collateral ligament
      • may be present in up to 33% of patients
      • runs from annular ligament to supinator crest
      • acts to reinforce the annular ligament
    • absence of lateral ulnar collateral ligament

    Related pathology

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