Leiomyosarkome des Gastrointestinaltraktes

Leiomyosarkome des Gastrointestinaltraktes

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Leiomyosarcomas are extremely rare malignant neoplasms that originate from smooth muscle cells and may be considered the malignant counterpart of a leiomyoma. They are classified as a soft tissue tumor and account for ~8% of malignant soft tissue tumors .



Leiomyosarcomas can potentially occur anywhere where there is smooth muscle. Commonly described sites include the following:

Other sites include

Radiographic features

Morphological imaging features would be invariably dependent on the site (refer to individual articles). Generally, they tend to be large masses, especially with abdominopelvic lesions.

  • generally heterogeneous
  • commonly demonstrate central low attenuation representing necrosis
  • calcification exceedingly rare

The tumor frequently demonstrates cystic foci. Signal characteristics include

  • T1: isointense to muscle
  • T2 non-fat suppressed: intermediate to hypointense to neighboring fat
  • T2 FS: predominantly hyperintense

Differential diagnosis

For a meaningful differential, it is necessary to consider site-specific tumors.

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