löfgren syndrome

Löfgren syndrome is a specific acute clinical presentation of systemic sarcoidosis that usually manifests with lymphadenopathy, fevers, erythema nodosum, and polyarticular arthritis.


It is important to not confuse this syndrome with Löffler syndrome, as the names are quite similar but the conditions quite different.


Löfgren syndrome has a strong predominance for females in their thirties .

Clinical presentation

It typically consists of:

Treatment and prognosis

Compared to run-of-the-mill sarcoidosis, patients presenting with Löfgren syndrome typically have a better overall prognosis with a self-limited clinical course (mean ~2 months ) and spontaneous remission.

History and etymology

It was initially described by Sven Halvar Löfgren (1910-1978), a Swedish physician, in 1952 .

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