Mesenteric arteritis

Mesenteric arteritis is an unusual cause of mesenteric ischemia. However, it should be considered when locations are atypical such as stomachduodenumrectum  (small and large intestine involved at the same time) with the involvement of the genitourinary system, especially in young patients .


The incidence of gastrointestinal tract vasculitis has been reported to be ~7.5% among non-atherosclerotic abdominal vascular diseases with a female predominance .

Clinical presentation

Along with clinical manifestations of systemic disease, vasculitis can present some abdominal manifestations which variate according to the size and location of the affected vessels.

If large vessels are affected its clinical manifestation will be pretty much the same as paralytic ileus and mesenteric ischemia from other etiologies. Affectation of medium-sized blood vessels will lead to inflammation, aneurysm formation, rupture, and consequently intraabdominal hemorrhage. Ulceration, stricture, and perforation can be abdominal manifestations of vasculitis with small-vessel involvement .


 Vasculitis can involve large, medium, and small vessels :

  Radiographic features


CT is the modality of choice and features include :

Differential diagnosis

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