mesonephric carcinoma of the cervix

Mesonephric carcinoma of the cervix is an extremely  rare histological sub type of cervical cancer. It falls under the sub group of adenocarcinoma of the cervix. This is a slightly confusing entitiy since some authors have used this term as synonymous with clear cell carcinoma of the cervix .


They are thought to represent approximately 3% of cervical adenocarcinomas . Only a handful of publications are found on this entity with no radiology publications on this entity at the time of writing (2012).


They are considered to arise from remnants of the mesonephric (Wolffian) ducts, specifically the Gartner’s duct. These duct remnants are usually located in the muscular wall of the cervix, meaning that mesonephric adenocarcinoma is more likely to localizes to within the cervix wall than other types of adenocarcinoma.

They usually have relatively low grade morphology, in part recapitualing the duct structures they are thought to arise from; they are composed of small, compact ducts/gland structures, lined by variably (but usually mildly) atypical, cuboidal to columnar epithelium, with ducts containing dense eosinophilic secretions.

Mesonephric adenocarcinoma is usually EMA+, calretinin+, vimentin+, CD10+, and ER/PR hormone receptor -ve


This is one of the few sub types that are not associated with prior HPV infection .

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