muskuloskelettale Manifestationen Hämochromatose

Hemochromatosis is a systemic disease which affects many organs systems, including the joints, characterized by hemosiderin and calcium pyrophosphate deposition.

For a general discussion, and for links to other system specific manifestations, please refer to the article on hemochromatosis.

Radiographic features

  • chondrocalcinosis: particularly knees and triangular fibrocartilage
  • arthropathy
    • symmetrical loss of joint space, subchondral cysts 
    • close association with CPPD which is often seen concurrently
    • most commonly hands (MCP, carpal, PIP) with the characteristic hook like/ beak-like osteophytes projecting from radial ends of 2and 3metacarpals
      • more extensive involvement from the second to the fifth MCP and radial hook-like/drooping osteophytes are more characteristic than in CPPD

    • can also affect the knee, hip, and elbow  
  • generalized osteoporosis (~25%) or osteopaenia (~40%)

Differential diagnosis

On imaging consider:

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