Proboscis is a rare congenital anomaly where an anterior appendage-like structure is seen projecting from the midline fetal face/forehead. Depending on the exact location, this has further been classified into various subtypes (e.g. interorbital proboscis).



The presence of a proboscis can be associated with several anomalies which include:

Radiographic features

Antenatal ultrasound

A proboscis is best seen on a longitudinal facial profile view as a snout-like protrusion from the face/forehead.

History and etymology

'Proboscis' is derived from the Ancient Greek προβοσκις (proboskis), itself derived from the words πρό (pro) meaning: "forth/forward/before" and βόσκω (bosko) meaning: "to feed".

See also

  • proboscis lateralis: considered a different entity