Ruptur Ligamentum coracoclaviculare

Coracoclavicular (CC) ligament injury is common with shoulder trauma. It is considered part of the spectrum of acromioclavicular joint injuries  and is not often an isolated injury. It is also often injured with clavicular fractures.

This injury is easy to miss, especially with the presence of any obvious associated injury (sometimes called the "satisfaction of search").

Radiographic features

Plain radiograph
  • increase by 50% of the coracoclavicular distance, which is normally 11-13 mm, is indicative of CC ligament disruption and AC joint dislocation
  • coronal oblique plane parallel to the clavicle has been shown to be most effective :
    • T1: best demonstrates normal anatomy
    • T2 or PD FS: best demonstrates fluid/blood around an injured CC ligament

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