spring ligament complex

The spring (plantar calcaneonavicular) ligament complex is a group of ligaments that connect the calcaneum and navicular and support the talus.

The ligaments include:

  • superomedial ligament
    • forms a sling, suspending/articulating against the head of the talus
    • origin from anterior sustentaculum tali with a wide insertion onto the navicular
    • merges with the inferior aspect of the tibial spring ligament (a portion of the superficial deltoid ligament), as best appreciated on coronal views
    • strongest and most important longitudinal arch stabilizer; also most commonly torn/repaired
  • medioplantar oblique ligament
    • also known as the lateral calcaneonavicular ligament
  • inferoplantar longitudinal ligament
    • also known as the intermedial calcaneonavicular ligament
    • minor role in stabilizing hindfoot and longitudinal arch

These ligaments act as the primary static stabilizers of the medial arch of the foot and, together with the posterior tibialis tendon (primary dynamic stabilizer), help support normal hindfoot relations. Failure of these stabilizers leads to hindfoot valgus and pes planus (pes planovalgus) .

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