transiente Osteoporose

Transient osteoporosis is a self-limited condition characterized by reparative bone remodeling, which can affect all weight-bearing joints, being most common in the femoral head. For detailed description of that condition see transient ostoporosis of the hip.

Clinical presentation

Typical symptoms are pain with sudden onset in the affected joint, gait disturbance, limited range of motion. Regional migratory osteoporosis denotes a specific form of the disorder, in which the transient porosis migrates between joints .

Radiographic appearance

Plain radiograph

Osteopenia becomes visible with a delay of 4-8 weeks following symptom onset .


High T2/PDFS signal similarly to bone marrow edema without a fracture line or necrotic core .

Nuclear medicine

On bone scans the affected area shows increased radiotracer uptake, whilst e.g. avascular necrosis results in focal photopenia .

Differential diagnosis

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