Ureter fissus

A bifid ureter, or ureter fissus, is an example of incomplete duplication of a duplex collecting system and is an anatomic variant.


Multiple seemingly unrelated terms for blind-ending bifid ureters are currently in use and there is no consensus on terminology in the literature. These include bifid ureter with a blind-ending pouch, aborted bifid ureteral diverticulum, and aborted duplication of the collecting system .


Present in ~5% (range 1-10%) of the population .

Gross anatomy

A bifid ureter is present when there is a duplex kidney (separate pelvicalyceal collecting systems) draining into separate ureters, but the ureters unite before draining into the bladder at a single ureteric orifice .

Rarely, one of the branches of a bifid ureter will be blind-ending and will not unite .

Differential diagnosis

  • double ureter: persistent of ureters to drain at separate ureteric orifices in the bladder
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