Bronchiolitis (plural: bronchiolitides) is a broad term that refers to any form of inflammation of the bronchioles. It is often used in situations where there inflammation primarily occurs in airways smaller than 2 mm .  It can carry variable clinical, functional and morphological expression. Bronchiolar disease may be a primary or a secondary condition.

According to some authors, there is some overlap with the term small airways disease .

Radiographic features

Plain radiograph

Usually not detected at chest radiography but may manifest with nonspecific findings such as ill-defined small or hazy clustered nodules or areas of air trapping characterized by hyperlucency and/or oligemia .


The presence of bronchiolitis is best assessed with HRCT. CT features include one of a combination of


One method of classifying various forms of bronchiolitis is as follows :

Exact radiographic features are best discussed under each sub-topic.

Other specific forms according to underlying pathology include:

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