Choroid plexitis

Choroid plexitis is a general term referring to an inflammatory process affecting the choroid plexus; it is usually due an infectious process. It is rarely seen as an isolated process and is commonly found in association with encephalitis, meningitis, or ventriculitis . The choroid plexus can also be a place of noninfectious inflammatory disorders, such as sarcoidosis, xanthogranulomas, and rheumatoid nodules .


The choroid plexus lies at the interface between the cerebrospinal fluid and the systemic circulation, its capillaries have a fenestrated epithelium that serves as a way through which infectious organisms may gain access to the CNS .

Radiographic features  

CT and MRI

Lateral ventricle choroid plexus asymmetry or bilateral symmetric enlargement of the choroid plexus should alert one to possible choroid plexitis .